Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day Two or It's Getting Better All The Time

Day two began with breakfast cakes! Yum! I still had batter from yesterday AND I got the mix to actually look like pancakes (read: they were in round, flat shapes). The were delicious. And so was the PEACH! Thank you GA!

Doesn't he look like a happy fellow?

Still no milk alternative and I don't have a juicer so I've been drinking water with every meal. Which isn't too bad actually. I really want to taste the flavors in the food so it's kind of nice not having that distraction.

Thank you, oh glorious Sigg bottle!

Breakfast was had at 11AM which pushed dinner back to about 5PM. I made a mushroom risotto which was very very savory. The risotto base was made from acorn squash -- a vegetable that, up until now I'm not sure I've ever had. I think I'll add more mushrooms to it and have it for lunch tomorrow. God, I love mushrooms. The oil on top of it is just a bit of white-truffle infused EVOO. It was tasty but I really wish I had had some, dare I say it, bread to go with it. The taste can become overwhelming and the garlic aftermath can last for quite some time... It's a recipe that will certainly need to be tweaked a bit before trying again.

Perhaps a little less garlic? Or maybe some more mushrooms?

Now for dessert I decided to stray from the book and try Jason Mraz's chocomole recipe. If you haven't seen the recipe, you can find it here:

I can honestly say that this is THE best thing I have eaten thus far. Of course, Ken would say this is because Mraz created it and thus I love it, but NAY! It is all sorts of tasty and I will be sharing this recipe for some time to come!

I decided to do all the mixing by hand which I found later to be awesome. It was a snap to whip up and I put it in the fridge to get chilled while I ran to the store and cleaned the kitchen. When I pulled it out of the fridge later, I was afraid all the chunks of my hand-mix would be gross to stumble upon. HOWEVER! It was delicious and the chunks were some of the best parts! Every now and then I would get this great bite of avocado and dates and all the vanilla/agave/coconut oil goodness the ensemble had to offer. AND it actually looked like the picture. Woo Hoo!

You guessed it, more raspberries!

I encourage everyone to try this recipe for a great, healthy alternative to chocolate pudding. And if you're too afraid to make it, invite me over and I'll make it for you -- and eat whatever you don't eat.

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