Thursday, August 7, 2008

Day Three or Sleeping Faster

Today was a super lazy day. Even Carson didn't seem to have the energy to really play outside and at about midday, it was extremely overcast and looked like it was going to pour. So Carson slept (A LOT) and I read (A LOT). It didn't end up raining but that didn't stop us from not doing much of anything with the day.

For breakfast I had, you guessed it, BREAKFAST CAKES! Still yummy but I think next time I make the batter (this will definitely be a recipe that holds over after this experiment) I'll only make a half batch since four days (counting tomorrow) of cakes can get downright boring.

A bevy of bananas.

For dinner I made the gazpacho with cucumber and tomatoes. It was alright. The base was pretty bland, to be honest, and I found the chunks of tomatoes and cucumbers floating in the mix to be the best part about the whole recipe. This, I'm sure, is funny to people who know me since the only form of tomatoes I really like -- rather, LOVE -- is ketchup.

Underwhelming but filling.

And for desert I had the rest of the Mraz Chocomole recipe I whipped together last night. As I pulled it out of the fridge, I noticed that it had a real refried beans look to it and for a brief second wished to be eating a large bowl of refried beans. I guess that's one of those "cravings" I'll be experiencing in the coming days.

Could just put that on a taco, yessir.

Other than that, nothing much to report. Ken will be up here tomorrow night! Tomorrow afternoon, however, I will be hanging out with my cousin (some people know him as Shamrock) and I was told we were going to get "crunk in the ATL". I don't really know what that means, but ok.


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