Saturday, August 23, 2008

And now for something completely different...

Ok! So! Got back to Tallahassee about a week ago(?) and have been in a TA workshop all week. We were told, quite a bit, that we shouldn't date our students. I bet some bozo is still going to do it.

I'm actually sitting in my office right now because there is no internet at Ken's yet and I have a meeting at 2 for the lab I'll be instructing. We'll be picking times for the labs so my next post may be happy or it may be downright sad.

The raw diet was not for me. I know that. I think I'll just focus on eating healthy -- that'll be quite the change.

I got to visit Fredo and his gang for a bit which was nice. Those kids are growing up way too fast!

A special welcome to Jenny! She's my cousin living in Germany and from the sounds of it, I need to send her kid a dino shirt PRONTO!

And now to share some fotos from here and there and everywhere in between.

A perfectly curled Mocha.

Ninja Toby -- Too Fast for You

My nephew lookin' super cute!

A blanket I just finished for Ken. Took forever!

Ok, well. Meeting starting soon so I'll try to update later.

See ya!


Danielle said...


Anonymous said...

Nice blankie.

Anonymous said...

i <3 the blanket. That's a super cool design. For a little while I thought I was going to get craftsy, but it became just something else on my to do list instead of a de-stressor.
The cats are adorable! I wanna snuggle them and use them for a pillow. I'm guessing they'd hate that about as much as my cat does.

Bonicita said...

I dunno -- those cats can be pretty cuddly when they want to be. Mocha more than Toby. But both of them are so skinny that they don't really do much as far as pillows are concerned.

And I love doing crafts! I actually found some pretty cute patterns for crocheted stuffed animals. I think I'll give 'em a shot next.