Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day Five, Six, and Seven or Wait. What? I have a blog?

This post is long and has a few pictures. Just a heads up.

Sorry about the delay, folks. This weekend was eventful and lots of good things happenin'. I just got real lazy on Sunday (probably due to Saturday night) and never updated.

I thought I'd start by addressing some questions Patrick asked me after my last post:

What are you doing for protein or is there something you are constantly eating that has a lot of protein in it? I don't really know what I'm doing for protein other than I'm eating a ton of nuts. I'm sure that the meals I'm eating contain protein as well but as far as snacking goes, it's pretty much nuts and fresh fruits. This problem will reappear later in this post.

Also, how is the not too hot food thing? This may be the hardest part about this whole deal. I really crave something warm, just warm and not having anything like that is brutal. I've found a few recipes for soups where you use a cup of warm water and all that jazz but I'm wary about enjoying the first half of it and then hating the last half because it gets all cold.

Oh, one last thing...how are you feeling? More energetic? Lethargic? Cleansed? I'm really feeling quite lethargic to be honest. I'm not exactly an ingredient goddess so I don't really know what goes good with what and it's real easy to get too lazy/disappointed to make something. Though I have plowed through. I did notice a huge change, though, from Saturday night to Sunday morning that I think was a reflection of this diet -- and as such will be explained in just a bit.

Thanks for reading, Patrick! And for asking good questions! Hope the Chicago move didn't kill you too much!

Now onto to Saturday.

Ken arrived real late Friday night and we pretty much went straight to bed. The next morning, we woke up and met my adorable nephew and my brother at some mall. Apparently my nephew's favorite skateboarder was signing autographs and the what so we met them over there for lunch.

I know, right? He's four and already breaking hearts.

I talked to my brother, who along with being a chiropractor, also knows a thing or two about nutrition. After getting my salad for lunch he asked me what my protocol for the raw diet has been.

A protocol? Was I suppose to have one of those?

What sort of cleansing process did I do beforehand to prepare?

Wasn't this the cleansing process?

It was at this point that it hit me. I had no clue what I was doing. I have no plan so I didn't know what I should be eating and when. I didn't know what food groups were really entering my body and in what amounts. I was, effectively, doing this whole thing backwards.

It was about this time that Ken brought up the fact that we were having dinner with his sister than night at the Melting Pot. All my brother said was to enjoy the Melting Pot and then to come by his office on Monday to get an outline of what I should be doing.

I thought about this (and his mention of a blood type diet as an alternative) while Ken and I went to check out the Georgia Aquarium.

Ken and I both agree that the aquarium was OK. The exhibits were nice and all but they seemed really confined. However, that could have been due to the ENORMOUS amount of people at the joint. It's been awhile but I think that I still like the Florida Aquarium better.

Everyone and their brothers.

Hot beluga action.

Ken and I glad to be out of there.

After that, we ventured over to met Aunt Peg at my other petsitting gig. I had to pick up the keys and codes and get the official rundown. Following this, we headed to the Melting Pot and I took part in the fondue feast.

My stomach did not like this. Which means two things: 1) My body was saying ABORT to the drastic change in both food type and tonnage, and 2) I was sad because I fucking love the Melting Pot.

We came home, my stomach settled a bit, we let Carson out, and we headed back out to see "Pineapple Express" at the movie theater. Not a bad flick but this is not the post to discuss that (maybe after this if I'm not passed out).

Got back late, fell asleep, woke up early on Sunday and took Ken to the airport.

And I mean early. I knew there would be paving on 20 later in the day so I went over to check the cats at the other gig (Toby and Mocha -- beautiful felines) and got that trip out of the way. I got back to the house and Carson was still sleeping. I didn't blame her -- instead I joined.

After that extended nap I got up and made banana raisin oatmeal (back to raw). It, well, tasted like cold oatmeal. Not bad -- I could imagine making this in the future. I added a little cinnamon after the photo though to give it just a little boost of taste.

Yep, it's oatmeal.

For the rest of the day, I was insanely tired/bored/ugh. I think it was the combination of the early morning antics and the food the previous night. I hadn't felt this lethargic since I began this dietary change and I really think that most of my attitude that day was due to my body getting back at me for thrusting all that wonderful Melting Pot goodness upon it.

It could also be that my man had left. And well, that sucked, too.

And that brings us to Monday.

Today was interesting. After tripping the house alarm and having to alert the homeowners that the call they would get from the alarm people was NOT due to someone raiding the house (yes, really), I got ready and heading to check on Toby and Mocha, followed by lunch with my brother.

We went to this swanky place called the Goldfish Restaurant, next to the Perimeter Mall, for a sushi lunch. Oh my god, so good. We shared our plates but I had to get a snapshot of mine before it was devoured.

Gorgeous AND tasty!

After lunch, Fredo and I headed back to his office and he taught me all about my bioelectric sphere. The whole conversation was interesting and he seemed to figure out what was wrong with me pretty quickly through manual muscle testing. Apparently, I have some heart weakness and some toxicity issues. I know that this all seems a bit "new age-y " but I honestly don't think my brother would try to steer me wrong. Plus I'm a bit more inclined to follow a more holistic approach to getting better.

He gave me information on how to do an effective intestinal and liver cleanse, as well as supplements I should start taking to get my heart in check and my toxicity lower. He also gave me the information to start on a blood type diet. I'm not sure if I could last on that diet either. Apparently type B's should avoid both black AND pinto beans.

How am I going to have a freaking taco?

Oh! I also got to do a foot bath detox. Ya know, where they drag all the bad ions out of you via the feet? It was pretty cool watching that in motion, but also kind of gross.

The aftermath.

And that's sort of it. You can wake up now.

Tomorrow I head over to have dinner with some of my family as we celebrate the return of my cousin from my distant people's land: Mexico. I'm bringing the aformentioned raw pomegranate cheesecake so I'll let you all know how that goes over with everyone. My aunt can even eat it because the crust doesn't contain gluten! HUZZAH!

Ok, well, I think it's time I got to sleep.
-Bonasaurus Rex

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Patrick said...

Thank god you finally posted again! I have been awaiting your progress. I would be very interested to hear what your brother would tell me if i went and had a consult with him. Also, WHAT iS THIS ION DETOX FOOT BATH?! I must know how you do this and also know if that water was clear before you did it. So are you planning on continuing the raw foods or moving on with your life? Give me the details.