Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day One or Long Road to unRuin

And so today I began the grand journey into raw foodism. I didn't make all of the meals I had planned but I did try a few recipes that I can talk about.

Today was a very early morning as the guys I am housesitting for left at exactly 5AM. I got up to see them off and subsequently had breakfast at 4:30AM. Yay for yogurt! Which I think still falls under the raw foods category since it is LIVE cultures.


I finally woke up and waited to go to YDFM until after some people had come to look at the gutter. They never did though so I ended up shopping at a MUCH later time than I had anticipated. By the time I got home and made the first dish, it was 4:30PM, and surprisingly my stomach was NOT saying "what the fuck?!"

The catch

I decided to have breakfast again and try the Coconut Breakfast Cakes which were actually quite delightful. Of course, it could be that you use coconut oil in them, as well as agave nectar in AND on them, and I'm not sure ANYTHING could taste bad with those ingredients. Mine, however, looked nothing like the picture in the book. For this reason a magnificent banana was added for aesthetics.

Ken, being the visual foodie that he is, would never eat this.

I also decided to try making a batch of the Chocolate Mylk. I'm sure that many people have enjoyed this recipe. I, unfortunately, did not. It was much too watery for my tastes and I think I'll try to find another milk alternative.

Brown liquid death

A couple of hours later I, attempted to, make the Fuzzy Navel shake, drink, thing. This, too, was not a huge hit for my taste buds. I added the raspberries because they are, without a doubt, my favorite fruit and because the yellow mush in my mug wasn't exactly screaming "EAT ME!" when I looked at it.

That POP of color is simply BRILLIANT!

After adding the raspberries, my first attempt to drink the supposed drink was thwarted by the DQ Blizzard-like consistency of the mixture. And after a flip of the mug (just for DQ funsies) I grabbed a spoon and dug in. I was glad I had added the raspberries because the whole mix was much too sweet/vanillafied for me and the raspberries took some of the edge off. Though not entirely excited to have it again, I probably will since I have a container of the stuff in the fridge.

Note: Add more raspberries

Well, first day done and I'm not dead OR famished yet. WOO HOO!

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