Friday, August 8, 2008

Day Four or Good Aftanoon

Got up today pretty late and decided to just have a few bananas and a peach for breakfast. Tim came at about 1:30 and we just sort of took off for downtown Decatur. We had lunch in this little place but the salad was just sort of eh, and the dressing was OVERPOWERING! So I didn't get much to eat but I thought I was fine. When we got back to the house, I realized I had nothing for dinner and suddenly my stomach began to growl.

I decided that I would try one of the raw restaurants I had heard about and so I hoped in the car with addresses in hand. I drove half an hour only to find that the place I was looking for was nowhere to be found. Bummed, I headed to YDFM and managed to get my shopping down and get back home before 8:30.

I've definitely been having a craving for meat. But not so much meat, but rather, meaty food, like chili. I stumbled across a recipe for raw chili on this here site and decided to go for it. It could be that I was to the point-of-not-feeling-hunger hungry but I thought it was damn good. I ended up adding more chili powder and cumin to my mix because I like those kicks but it was still tasty from the get-go. Pretty watery but the chunks of red and yellow bell peppers and onions (yes, I ate raw onions) added a great crunch. Super easy to make so go do it! I dare ya.

Chili burps are included.

I found this recipe for pomegranate cheesecake (courtesy of Chef Russell James) when I was first looking into the raw diet. I wasn't about to commit if I couldn't have dessert! Decided to make it tonight so that Ken and I could possibly enjoy it tomorrow. I have a feeling that there will still be too much sugar in it for him but I had been telling him about this recipe for so long that I felt bad NOT waiting for him.

I love the contrast in colors. That's the only reason I took this photo.

Popped it into the freezer and am just waiting for it to harden. Probably won't get to try it til tomorrow but from the tiny taste I got of the mixture it is going to be scrumptious!

I CANNOT wait for this bad boy to set.

Ok, well, waiting for Ken to get here so I'm gonna wrap this up here. Have a good one!

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Patrick said...

Boy howdy...what a raw foods journey you have had so far. What are you doing for protein or is there something you are constantly eating that has a lot of protein in it? Also, how is the not too hot food thing. I don't know if I would miss the meat that much but I would probably be dying for something that had boiled. Can't wait to hear more about the diet. Oh, one last are you feeling? More energetic? Lethargic? Cleansed?