Friday, September 5, 2008

I keep my life on a heavy rotation


Well, yesterday marked my second day teaching. The board looked like this:

Click for larger spongy information

So far the semester isn't bad -- it's just tiring. I feel like it's hard to get everything done.

I'm at the office everyday from 8AM to sometimes 8:30PM (given the day) which makes sleeping all that more glorious.

In news that's completely different, my iPod broke about a month, month and a half ago. Because of this I've actually been using the cd player in my car and listening to the same six albums. I would recommend picking up any of these six if you're looking for some new tune-age. Excellent stuff.

And when I'm not in my car I've been listening to LOTS of youtube videos and artist pages on myspace. Some of these artists include:

Anyway, just wanted to share those musical nuggets with you all.

I'm also working on a few crochet projects so hopefully I'll finish them before Christmas. Ha!

Peace out!

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