Friday, July 18, 2008

Pondering a Specialty Plate

I've been thinking since I got Kid Charlemagne (2008 Honda Fit SPORT -- not that I'm bragging, I'm actually in love...) that I'd really like to get a specialty plate of some kind.

I'm really not interesting in a FSU plate or a "Trees are Cool" plate, though I do feel bad that it apparently ranked 109 in sales in 2007 -- and was beat out by NASCAR (G.O.B.: "COME ON!"). I'd like to get one that supports, ya know, wildlife. Mainly because animals are terrible about fundraising -- they just don't have the people skills. Plus I try not to put too much on my car that would make someone want to key it. I mean, who looks at a "Save the Manatees" plate and thinks "wow, that person is an ASSHOLE"?


But which to choose?? Do you even know how many specialty plates there are to choose from??


Well let me break it down for you.*

Specialty Catagories:

20 Environmental Plates

44 Miscellaneous Plates
9 Professional Sports Plates

36 University Plates

What this really means for me is that I have 20 choices, but I can't help but feel somewhat shallow. Some of the environmental plates are, well, ugly. I'm only human.

Also, I don't think I should get the sea turtles plate because my mom already has that and I believe in sharing the wealth.

Oh well, I still have 19 to choose from. Wish me luck.

*All numbers are +/- 1 since it's nearly 2AM and I should most certainly be sleeping. Except for the "9" -- I can still count to 9, jerks.**
**Sorry about the jerks thing, I know Genet is the only one who reads this anyway...


Anonymous said...

OOOOOO I got a shout out! YAY!

I must say though that I now feel slightly like a pompous ass since I have a speciality plate with just the saying personalized and yet since its a normal plate, I have not donated to saving any of the creatures that I really do enjoy having around (some of them even more than a lot of humans I know... rest assured though Bonnie you are in the humans I like more than animals category :)

So did you choose one? And if so which one should I choose if I were so inclined to change my silly plate? And BTW I wouldn't pick the whales bec as much as I like them... I think they were one of the first animals to get their own plate and I never see one when I go to the beach, or anywhere else in FL for that matter... (crap SeaWorld doesn't count!) And I really hope they still have a plate, otherwise I may have just gone off on a tangent which is something that I'm trying to work on not doing....

ya right! hahaha

Bonicita said...

Hahaha...oh man, this certainly served for a good laugh today! Glad I'm in the good human category!

I don't remember seeing the whale plate but I'll just tell you that one exists that way your tangent seems more reasonable. Haha!

I was mistaken and my mother does not have the sea turtle plate (she has the old manatee plate) so I may help out our turtle friends. They so cute! But I can't even think about that expense right now on top of everything else.

Oh and I totally think you should get the "Trees are Cool" plate because, well, they are...

...and I'm certainly not getting that one.