Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A New Beginning

After four odd years of having a livejournal, I've decided to leave that life behind for the allure that blogger provides.
A new chapter of this life deserves its own blog and there you have it.

My new life starts on August 18th where I will be a sitting in a workshop, learning to teach science to people just a few years younger than myself. I'll be a TA in the Biology department come next fall and the thought of that is both terrifying and altogether, well, fun! My goal is simple; facilitate learning in the same manner that the excellent TA's in my past did for me. I figure if I can pull off even half of that then I should be OK at least for this first year.

I will be a new graduate student in the department, working on a Masters degree. And if my undergraduate career was a window into this next educational step, it appears as though I'll be working with dinosaurs, to put it simply. Which is great because it's what I've wanted to do since I was 12. It will just be time now to step it up a notch.

So this is my first post to blogger. I don't really know where this will go but I do know that I like a few things. I like music, movies, some television, museums, surfing the web, dreaming, thinking about my future, thinking about my past, and every now and then, I like to share this information.

And that's all this really is: my own personal conduit to share information. Welcome!


Anonymous said...

Love the post and the pic! :)

Bonicita said...

Thanks babe! Hopefully I'll get into the swing of writing in here.