Monday, November 17, 2008

Tragically Truant

That would be me.

Two weeks ago my Dell of four (and almost a half!) years bit the dust.


So now I type upon my new MacBook. And while I miss the Dell...I do love this sexy little machine! And I will be loving it for awhile since it cost so damn much. 

Oh technology.

The semester is coming to a close and with it comes the end-of-the-year business of grading, finals, and worried students. 

I have many worried students.

I also have my own final to worry about (herpetology) which promises to be interesting considering the amount of specimens there are to know.

I will rock it. And you.

I've seen some pretty good films lately so hopefully I'll get around to writing some reviews. I'll have plenty of time (theoretically) over Thanksgiving which I am spending with Ken and his parents in North Carolina.

I also get to see Jason Mraz while I'm there.

And that's all I got right now -- about to go teach so there isn't a whole lot more I can say.

Pick a movie (below) and I'll write something about it soonish.

Quantum of Solace
Rock 'n Rolla
Role Models


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