Friday, January 16, 2009


So right now,
In a lab,
No where near you,
I'm teaching science.

Or at least that's what I would be doing if any of these kids had questions.

Nothing to really report that's worth reporting.

I've gotten back into a routine for the semester and am trying to get things organized at Ken's so that I can finally move the last of my things over. It's really not much at this point and it's a lot lighter since the hobo that broke into the house stole my bike and sleeping bag.

Oh yeah, that actually happened, by the way. Over the break. One of the roommate's returned (Gus) to find our house had been broken into. They stole my bike, my sleeping bag, and food. Therefore, a bum obviously did it. I guess he needed those things more than I did.

And so the semester has been chugging along -- two weeks down! Woot Woot!

Any suggestions for tattoos?? I'm trying to save what little money I have to get one at the end of the semester. My artist (Brandon) will be leaving once his wife gets her Masters so I'd like one last hurrah before then.

Oh! Golden Globes Greatness!

Um, so, nothing else. Tired. I think I just saw a hand go up...



Anonymous said...

Hey Bonnie,
I love love love Tina Fey but really didn't think too highly of the dress she wore.
When I saw 'TA' in the tags section at the bottom of your post I thought, "TA wasn't mentioned in that post, was he?" So I read it twice. I am so stoopid.

Anonymous said...

oh, did you know that momchick is me?
Aunt Patty

Bonicita said...

Haha -- yep, he's definitely not in the post.

And of course I knew it was you!